Friday, July 29, 2005 - Urban Tribes (Are Friends the New Family?) - Urban Tribes (Are Friends the New Family?): "In his intriguing new book Urban Tribes, Californian journalist Ethan Watters argues that, in fact, young adults are forming their own significant communities in place of traditional family units; and finding in these groups some of the benefits that family life offers. Watters claims he discovered the mass phenomena of the Urban Tribe almost accidentally: having written a brief magazine piece on the idea, he was invited on TV to discuss it. In the following weeks his email inbox was inundated by twenty-somethings from all over the US who felt that he had articulated something very real to their lives. They had found community in all sorts of areas: among college friends, in book clubs, at the gym, or even in groups that just kinda evolved from friends and friends-of-friends. People performed different roles within the tribes in order to enable organization and decision-making, nurturing and entertainment. Some group members were valued even though they contributed very little to the group at all."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blogs and Wikis as alternative news sources - LJ Tech Blog - Blog on - 670000067

Blogs and Wikis as alternative news sources - LJ Tech Blog - Blog on - 670000067

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