Saturday, October 07, 2006

AARP - Segunda Juventud - Exercise your mind

AARP - Segunda Juventud - Exercise your mind: "Mindful Exercise. Take care of your brain now, and you could increase the chances that your second youth will be more rewarding—and memorable.Mindful Exercise. Take care of your brain now, and you could increase the chances that your second youth will be more rewarding—and memorable."

Friday, October 06, 2006

Instant Messages, Lingering Paper Trail -

Instant Messages, Lingering Paper Trail - "Instant Messages, Lingering Paper Trail
HP, Foley Cases Illustrate Risk

By Mike Musgrove
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 6, 2006; Page A06

People who think their instant messages disappear after being sent should think again." - What Makes You Buy? - What Makes You Buy?: "What Makes You Buy?

OCTOBER 6, 2006

Check Out Your Prefrontal Cortex.

By Ben Macklin - Senior Analyst

Advances in the cognitive sciences and more sophisticated brain imaging are giving us an increasingly rich and detailed view of the brain's functions. With these advances it is perhaps not surprising that marketers have jumped on the 'brain bandwagon' to seek a neuroscientific explanation for why some brand or marketing campaigns work better than others.

The new field of neuromarketing apparently came of age two years ago after a study by Baylor College of Medicine was published in the respected academic journal Neuron. The study attempted to put to rest that age-old question: Which do you prefer, Coke or Pepsi?

The subjects in the experiment were given an anonymous taste test of each drink and their brain activity was scanned using a functional MRI (fMRI). The researchers were able to view, in real time, which parts of the brain 'lit up.' The subjects were then given the same drinks but with an image of a respective Coke can or Pepsi can visible to them. Their brains were scanned again.

The results were — you guessed it — 'Coke is it.' This is how the researchers expressed it: 'For the anonymous task, we report a consistent neural response in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex that correlated with"

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Don't cash that check! It's a scam - ConsumerMan -

Don't cash that check! It's a scam - ConsumerMan - "Don't cash that check! It's a scam
Banks team up with questionable marketers to take your money"

The Great Shampoo Scandal |

The Great Shampoo Scandal "REVERSING SHAMPOO
by Makoli
September 6, 1998"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ananova - Police hunt farting dissident

Ananova - Police hunt farting dissident: "Police hunt farting dissident

Police in Poland have launched a nationwide hunt for a man who farted loudly when asked what he thought of the president.

Hubert Hoffman, 45, was charged with 'contempt for the office of the head of state' for his actions after he was stopped by police in a routine check at a Warsaw railway station.

He complained that under President Lech Kaczynski and his twin brother Jaroslaw, the country was returning to a Communist style dictatorship.

When told to show more respect for the country's rulers, he farted loudly and was promptly arrested.

Hoffmann was arrested and released on bail but failed to turn up at a Warsaw court early this week to be tried, and the judge in the case rejected an appeal by defence lawyers to throw the charges out.

A court spokesman said: 'Such a case of disrespect is taken very seriously.'

Instead the court ordered the police to start a nationwide hunt for the man, and interpol have been alerted."

The Truth About Food Expiration Dates

The Truth About Food Expiration Dates: "OCTOBER 1, 2006

Top News
By Pallavi Gogoi

The Truth About Food Expiration Dates
Since the spinach scare, food safety is foremost on the minds of grocery shoppers nationwide. Dates on labels? Here's what you need to know

The latest spinach food scare, which has claimed at least one life and sickened 183 other people, took many by surprise. After all, previous E. coli bacteria outbreaks were mostly associated with raw meat.

Nervous folks are peering more closely at dates stamped on the produce they buy from supermarkets. But how helpful are these dates really? Many of them are actually quite confusing. 'Is a food fresh until Feb. 1, 2008, if that's the date stamped on it, and then do you throw it out on Feb. 2?' asks Jeanne Goldberg, professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Tufts University. 'It's a very inexact science since those dates include a wide margin of safety.'

The Identity Project

The Identity Project: "'Papers, please!'

This mantra of totalitarian societies has become familiar to Americans – not from movies, but from their own government. From police encounters to airport security, from political protests to public buses, your right to move around freely without 'accounting for yourself' is increasingly challenged.

The Identity Project (IDP) exists to uphold the freedom to exist, wander, and live anonymously within our own country if we so choose. We believe all Americans have the fundamental right to exist without seeking or getting permission of the government, to live without constantly proving who we are or why we are here, to freely move around our country. IDP explores and defends these rights.

IDP questions the motives behind, and effectiveness of, identity based domestic security programs and asks whether the degradation of our civil liberties is justified."

Museum Field Trip Deemed Too Revealing - New York Times

Museum Field Trip Deemed Too Revealing - New York Times: "Museum Field Trip Deemed Too Revealing"

Monday, October 02, 2006

Is he dead yet?

Accused of killing deputy, suspect shot 68 times

Sheriff: 'That's all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more'

MIAMI - A fugitive gunman accused of killing a Florida sheriff’s deputy was shot 68 times by SWAT team officers who found him hiding in the woods, according to autopsy results.

Police fired 110 shots at Angilo Freeland, 27, the target of a massive manhunt in central Florida following the shooting death of Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Williams Thursday.

“That’s all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.