Friday, May 25, 2007

I want to be known as a Sequimarian...

T. Pitre, Sequimarian said...

I prefer to be known as a Sequimarian, rather than a Sequimite or Sequimer. Sequimarian has a more elegant tone to it than something that approaches another name for a member of the isoptera insect family.

Sequimarian approaches Centarian, which I hope to be someday. It is also near to librarian, which also has a more elegant sound to it. Not to forget the Bostonian, or the Bostonian Librarian, for that matter.

The suffix, "ian" means: related to or resembling, and we -- as residents, certainly are related to Sequim.

Regarding bike racks. Excellent idea, along with areas marked for scooters, electric cycles, electric trikes, etc.

There is never enough room in front of or adjacent to store fronts. I've been waiting for the BENCHES that someone suggested some time ago. It's nice to walk downtown, but if there is no place to sit, then it's a problem, like Las Vegas, because they want you inside, sucking up smoke and dropping quarters in their slot machines.

I hope we can have a shaded walk, with tulips planted in brick planters that serve as benches. Boulder has had this in their downtown core for years, and it is one of the most "walker" and people-friendly towns I've ever been in.

Let's set our goals a little higher for the downtown core. A little piece at a time is less costly, but the little piece at a time approach has not worked in so many ways. I'm referring to our lime green crosswalks, the Texas cattle guard "gate" at the W. end of town, planters in the middle of the road, cut-outs, high plants blocking views on major roads, no turn lanes, etc., etc. All these were attempts to control traffic, beautify the core, but failed in so many ways. Do it right the first time, I hope.

T. Pitre
8:22 PM