Friday, August 26, 2005

Survey finds 51 percent of journalists use blogs

According to the latest Annual Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia
University Survey of the Media, 51 percent of journalists are using
weblogs regularly and 28 percent rely on them for their daily
reporting. By contrast, only 1 percent believe in their credibility.
The study is based on responses of 1,202 journalists from the United
States and other countries worldwide (no further details regarding the
other countries was given on Euro RSCG Magnet). Of journalists who
reported using blogs, 70 percent use blogs for work-related tasks:
they use blogs to find story ideas, researching and referencing facts,
finding sources and uncovering breaking news. However, only a few
journalists post on blogs or have their own blogs. "Such activities
might be seen as compromising objectivity and thus credibility."
Source: Anna-Maria Mende,
Link: Report Summary, Euro RSCG Magnet

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