Thursday, December 01, 2005

IVR Cheat Sheet by Paul English

IVR Cheat Sheet by Paul EnglishTrouble with VOICE messaging? See this.

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Kate said...

Paul English makes some great points. I saw his piece on ABC World News Tonight and he's bringing to light that most companies operating in the IVR space have shoddy systems. There are a couple companies in the IVR industry trying to change things, however, with next generation systems that link to CRM systems. has a great web-based sysem that allows small businesses to creat IVR systems that are even more sophisticated than what the big boys are using. My Dad uses the system for his online ebay store selling vintage posters and autographed baseballs. He's able to provide far better customer service using's system than he would ever be able to provde on his own. The boon to small business of using these inexpensive, next generation IVR systems is getting lost in the debate.