Sunday, September 11, 2005

How they triggered war on the web - Sunday Times - Times Online

How they triggered war on the web - Sunday Times - Times Online: "THE RISE OF THE CITIZEN JOURNALIST

Danah Boyd, a researcher for Yahoo!, maintains that online reaction to the July bombings was another landmark in the news revolution. If 9/11 showed the web to be a ready resource, by 7/7 it was the instinctive destination. In her blog (, Boyd explains that we no longer want the tradition of “packaged reports of terror on autorepeat”. Instead, we want details and real stories from real people, which can be found in plenty at, the blog search engine that listed 1,300 posts about the London bombs by 10.15am, and saw a 45% increase in hits that morning; at, where the photo-blog community posted pictures from the scene with breathtaking speed; and on the collaborative encyclopedia Wiki-pedia (, where instant historians were writing their version of events."

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