Saturday, September 23, 2006

The March of Nanotechnology - New York Times

The March of Nanotechnology - New York Times: "ENJOY WITH A CANDY CIGARETTE If your friends aren’t boring and longwinded enough, just serve them a new energy drink called Cocaine.

Yes, it’s real. A company named Redux Beverages last week introduced the product, which it called “the legal alternative” to the expensive, illicit and life-destroying drug.

Redux promises that “doing Cocaine” yields a better rush than drinks like Red Bull, but without the comedown. The effects last five hours, the company says. The drink is 350 times as strong as Red Bull, thanks to having more simple sugars and vitamin B-12.

The man responsible for Cocaine is Jamie Kirby, chief of Redux Beverages, based in Las Vegas. He told the Australian news site that the drink’s kick also relies on “some psychological effect.”

One woman who tried Cocaine, the energy drink, told the site, “I don’t like the tingly feeling in my chest. I feel my heart racing and I’m not being paranoid ... I feel looped.”

Except for the lack of paranoia, it sounds as if Redux at least got the formula about right." Holy batcave!

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